The conventional way to remove splinters is to use a pair of tweezers. Another approach is to pinch the skin so that you can take the splinter out with your fingers, but both methods are known to fail.

But, take heart, there is a natural remedy.

According to Andrea Candee, this is how to utilize banana peels for natural splinter removal and other foreign objects and, quite frankly, it’s ingenuous!

First, cut a one inch square piece of a ripened banana peel. Then cover the infected area by placing the pulp side of the banana to the skin. Wrap the banana peel with surgical tape and leave it on overnight. The splinter will rise to the top of the skin and may even stick itself to the banana pulp. If the splinter is very deep, several applications may be necessary. However, it does work.

Another Splinter Removal Method

You could apply Elmer’s Glue, let it dry and then peel it off. The splinter is supposed to come off with it. The only problem is if the splinter is too deep, then what?

Another Use for Banana Peels

Using the pulp of the banana peel, simply rub it on dark shoes and then buff. Not only will you have shinier shoes, but you may be asked what type of perfume or cologne you are wearing!

So don’t throw out that next banana peel before pondering how you might use it…


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